Snapshot of data collected between September 2011 and March 2012

Help Dr Rob find if school absence data can detect flu peaks early. Get your students to analyse your school’s absence data and report on their findings.
We are looking for secondary schools in England and Wales to take part. The project starts in October 2012. You can get started now. [THIS IS NOW CLOSED]

What’s involved?

  1. Get started and get consent from your headteacher

  3. Collect and analyse your school’s absence data

  5. Report your findings to Dr Rob and the UCL team

Took part in 2011/12?

We ran this project over last winter. One of the reasons for doing the project was to show students that science doesn’t always produce a nice staight line or smooth curve. Or indeed that sometimes it doesn’t work at all! Last year saw the lowest incidence of flu on record and whilst we learnt about baseline levels of absence we didn’t see enough flu to justify publishing a paper. A second winter without significant levels of flu would be unprecendented so we are running the project again in the expectation that this time we will collect and analyse enough data. Read about what else has changed here.

About the graph

Reproduced with permision from HPA

RCGP GP ILI consultation activity England and Wales 1988 to 2012

The graph shows the data we collected over the winter of 2011/12.

  • National Influenza Like Illness: The number of individuals across England and Wales going to see their General Practitioner with Influenza Like Illness (per 100,000 of the population). This is data collected by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and is one of the best indicators for flu activity (read more about it here).
  • Days missed due to illness: National school data showing the number of days missed due to illness (per 100 students).

You can keep up to date with Decipher my data! and the Flu! project by following us on twitter @deciphermydata and watch out for tweets marked #IASdata.

53 Responses to Flu

  1. The Cotswold School

    We are interested in taking part.

  2. Ellen mcvea says:

    We would be very interested in the project and hope it includes NI

    • admin says:

      It looks at the moment as though NI will not be included because the base data we want to compare against is England and Wales only. Sorry.

  3. Vasanthra Naicker says:

    I would be interested in getting my students involved in this exercise. At Rush Croft Sports College, students follow the 21st Century science curriculum and I fell tha this exercise will have a direct relevance to the curriculum. Please let me know when registration begins

  4. Please keep me updated on decipher my data

  5. Nial Pickering says:

    Keep me updated on the decipher data event

  6. Lea Toone says:

    good idea
    fits in well with ‘How Science Works’

  7. Judy Setter says:

    Please keep me updated on this project!

  8. Rachel Jarrold says:

    Wy High says yes please!

  9. Jane Wheeler says:

    Wycombe High School in Bucks would be interested in taking part.

  10. Steve Buckley says:

    Please keep me updated.

    Mount House School

  11. jo woods says:

    very interested

  12. Angela Jenner says:

    What a great idea to get young scientists interested while they learn. If this is anything like ‘I’m A Scientist’ we are interested – please let us know when to register.

  13. Victoria says:

    Please keep me updated.

  14. Interested. I’m sure that our students will be ken to take part.

  15. Interested. I’m sure that our students will be keen to take part.

  16. Sarah Rayment says:

    We would definitely be interested!

  17. Lesley Wilkes says:

    Almondbury HIgh School, Huddersfield are interested in taking part please

  18. Andrew Mander says:

    Please keep me updated as I would like my students to take part

  19. Nikita Travers says:

    Definitely interested in taking part in this. Please keep me updated.

  20. neesha says:

    My school is interested in taking part too!

  21. Nadine Payne says:

    This sounds fantastic – very interested

  22. KECHI OKOLO says:

    Interested in the project. Please keep me updated.

  23. suzanne taylor says:

    Caister High School are interested in taking part

  24. Jennie Harrison says:

    We are interested in taking part.
    Attleborough High School.

  25. Non van den Braak says:

    Sounds exciting. Interested in taking part.

  26. angela smith says:

    thank you – any resources to help students understand how to manipulate and evaluate data is very welcome!

  27. Su McRae says:

    Sounds like a fun idea to include students in real science…bring it on!

  28. June Freel says:

    We are an FE college, so a bit older than the years you prescribe. However it would suit BTEC first work. If you want us we would be willing to take part.

  29. loved I Am A Scientist and very keen to be a part of this project too!

  30. Claire Slowther says:

    We would be very interested in taking part

  31. Paul Tyrrell says:

    we have really enjoyed the I’m a Scientist events and would love to be part of this data work!

  32. Chanelle Weller says:

    I have loved being involved in I’m a Scientist and would be very interested in getting involved in this project too.

  33. Sally Playfair says:

    Please keep me updated on this project

  34. Gemma Wilson says:

    Sounds interesting. Please keep me updated!

  35. john fenlon says:

    Please keep me informed of when to register

  36. Ralph Lucas says:

    Let me know if you would like us to tell schools about this.


  37. Shirley Clementson says:

    Rushey Mead would be interested.

  38. Liz McCheyne says:

    Great opportunity for learning!

  39. Ali Farrant says:

    Are you only interested in high schools? I work in a primary school and this would be an interesting project for our science club. Is there an age range you are monitoring?

  40. Elspeth harris says:

    Would be very interested in doing this with my Science Club.

  41. Josephine says:

    I take it you don’t want Jersey schools then either?

    • admin says:

      It’s not that we don’t want you…

      We’ll have a think about how schools could take part but without affecting the data analysis for the study.

  42. william wilson says:

    Interesting. Looks good for numeracy and community links.

  43. Robin Ravi says:

    An other great idea:)

  44. jo cross says:

    Our school would be interested in taking part.

  45. Alan Roberts says:

    Looks good. Will there be a flu outbreak this winter?

  46. Sarah Owenson says:

    Our school (Swindon Academy) would be onterested in taking part.

  47. Ross Parish says:

    LGS Biology very keen to get involved.

  48. Judith Evans says:

    Thornden very keen to be invovled as well!!

  49. Roque Segade Vieito says:

    Stanway School in Essex would like to be involved.

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