Decipher my data! was born out of the idea that students benefit from performing real science using real data in the classroom. Students and teachers become scientists working alongside leading researchers on scientific studies to produce better results than either could achieve on their own.

Decipher my data! is not one single project but a series of science projects, which use the Decipher my data! website to download data and upload results.  The projects will deliver across the curriculum and skills required for secondary education (GCSE) science class and are supported by a set of lesson plans and other learning resources to meet teacher’s needs.

Each project consists of three phases:

  • Context setting
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Reporting and Reviewing

Decipher my data! has almost finished it’s first educational study: Flu, which is still open for schools to enter their data and LabLogs and Reports.

You can keep up to date with Decipher my data! and the Flu project by following us on twitter @deciphermydata and watch out for tweets marked #IASdata.

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